Interviewing a Pro at Indiana State University

Photo: Lisa Moore

Two key things I got from interviewing a professional was receiving motivation and encouragement as an undergraduate student and learning about the day-to-day life of an Executive Director of Communications. I  got the opportunity to interview Lisa Moore with Communications Marketing at Indiana State University. I have had the privilege of knowing Moore through my job at Indiana State University. She attended  University of Evansville for her undergraduate with a degree in psychology. After her undergraduate, she pursued her Masters in Educational Organization and Leadership at University of Illinois. Moore has had different jobs at different universities and they all have been different for her.

First thing in the morning, Moore starts with the Indiana State Newsletters or ISUToday. Her day follows with a series of meetings and planning out when things need to be sent out. Moore says, “No two weeks or two days are the same. It is bouncing being creative yet proactive instead of being reactive.”

While interviewing Moore, I got to hear about a time she has been proud of her work. She shared a couple things that came to mind. First, she mentioned when she first started planning out and eventually bringing back the printed magazine for Indiana State. She was able to create something from scratch from hearing from different departments on what their needs were. “Brining the publication to life was definitely a proud moment.” Moore talked about how exciting to read all the great things going on at Indiana State. Another proud moment for Moore was hiring Libby Roerig to the Office of Communication and Marketing. Roerig is the Director of Communications and Media Relations.

Fun fact to share with you all about me, I was hired by Libby Roerig my sophomore year of college. I had Libby as an instructor for media writing and got the opportunity to be offered to work as a Student Media Relations Assistant in the Office of Communication and Marketing.

Moore keeps current in the Communication and Marketing industry by continuously staying present wherever she goes and listening to what is going on. As her job, it is crucial for her to do this at Indiana State to stay in the loop. “It is important that you craft with how you interact with different audiences. It is ever-changing.”

I asked Moore about tips she would offer someone starting out in PR and this is what she said:

  1. Be flexible – When you are hired, you will do something different all the time and your job will evolve. You never get hired and leave doing the exact same thing.
  2. Stay knowledgable – You have to stay current with the trends, whatever the world trends may be.
  3. First impression – You only have one time to make a first impression. You never know how a relationship will lead and those relationships could be the people who put in the good word for you.

For more information about Lisa Moore, you can visit her LinkedIn.

– BlondeGailinPR