Brand your Social Media Everyday

Photo Cred: Abby Niepagen

Hello friends!

As I am wrapping up with my public relations course at Indiana State, I made an infographic on branding social media. Throughout the PR course, we learned about branding yourself and ways to increase your image. As we incorporated branding into the majority of our work, I realized how much branding is involved in my own life. Even though I am not a avid blogger, I brand my social media on the regular. I am always thinking about what others would think of something or if I want people to see certain things or not. Little did I know, that is considered branding.

In my infographic, I bounced my ideas from Forbes – 9 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand.  I chose five that I believe are the most important at the stage of social media involvement I am at.

Engaging regular is important to your audience. If you only post once a month on your social media accounts, that will not benefit you in any way. You need to make sure you are maintaining a regular presence on your accounts to create those relationships and connect with people. Your brand will only grow when you engage with your platforms.

With engaging regularly, make sure you are keeping your image consistent. When I say consistent, make sure that it is what you believe in. Your brand should be able to describe you. Going off of that, you need to diversify your image. Your brand will not grow when you only share the same things every week. Change the topics up, share different things about your life, and still stay true to you.

Finding people and groups that relate to you and your experiences will allow you to build authority around your personal brand. Find groups that are not always the expected and may not be the top competitors. Once you find those groups and also have your audience, reach out to them. Connections are started by one person connecting. If you have regular followers, ask them if there is anything you can do for them. This is one of many ways that your brand will become personal.

The list could go on and go with ways to brand your social media, but I hope you took tips in from the five that I think are important.

That is all for now!