About Me

“BlondeGail? You mean BlondeGal?”

This may be a common question that I get from my blog name but I think it is quite fitting for me! Take a little look into my story:

I was born and raised in the Midwest, more specifically, in Bloomington, Illinois. I have gained appreciation and love for the place that I call home.  My parents named me Abigail Davis after my great-grandmother, Davis, who had an influential impact on my life as a little girl. Although I am a Momma’s girl, I would be lost without my Father. Having a brother two years older than me has worked out in my favor as he has been able to guide me through school and life.

Currently, you can find me soaking in every minute of my undergraduate career at Indiana State University, the place where I have been fortunate to call my second home for the past three years.  Next year, I will be taking on my final year as a Sycamore. I have been beyond blessed with the endless opportunities that I have been given in my time as a Sycamore, personally and professionally. My main career goal is to become a communication and marketing professional. I dream of working in Chicago or Tennessee, I love the city feel. When I am not in the classroom or studying, I spend as much time with my best friends in which happen to be my sorority sisters.

Stay posted for some blog posts that I will be writing for my public relations course! You can find my professional link here!