Reflecting on PR with Mullen

Photo: Unsplash by Henry Lo

Hi friends, I’m back!

At Indiana State, I have had some incredible instructors and learned a lot of material that I will use for the rest of my life. One course that I will be able to relate to more than others is my public relations course. I learned a lot of valuable information but I also just learned a lot about life, in general.

First off, let me share some work that I did that I thought was very beneficial and helpful as a soon-to-be senior in college. The first part of the course, we focused on professional development. We covered resumes, cover letters, and internships/jobs. We learned about ways to spice them up and learn what employers specifically look for.

In the middle of the semester, we began reading Bulletproof Branding by Chris Westfall. Chris Westfall is a keynote speaker, author, business coach, and national elevator champion. During this time, we were planning a campaign for Westfall to come to campus during May. I was able to learn about a media lists and media kits for campaigns. It was very unreal to see all of the campaign play out. I was able to go to a dinner event with Westfall and to help work the event that was held at Tilson Auditorium at Indiana State’s campus.

As the semester continued, we learned about blogging on WordPress, LinkedIn, data analytics, ethics, crisis communication, and other PR related topics.

I think the key thing that I took away from the course was about relationships and connections. There wasn’t a day that I went to class and didn’t hear my instructor, Jennifer Mullen, talk about how much relationships matter. Throughout my process of working on internships and figuring out future plans in my life, it has always been the people who have known me to get me where I need to go. I make moves and they make things happen because I have made such awesome connections. The connections never stop and that is important to take with you with whatever you do. I have learned that that one phone call or conversation with a stranger can lead to something so extraordinary. It is key to never underestimate connections that could be made. I am thankful that I got to have an instructor that really stressed this. Some days I left class thinking about how I was going to move mountains the next day.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes, “Kid, you’ll move mountains.”



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