An Approach that Appears Negative Wins in Trumps Favor

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Hello all!

As I am sitting at Java Haute, a local coffee shop in Terre Haute, I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed, happy, and sad. Can you tell that I am just all over the place as I only have two weeks left of my junior year? I am not ready to be a senior yet! BUT, I am a happy girl because I get to go home this summer and be with people I don’t get to see a lot during the school year. I am doing a lot of exciting things this summer, so I have a lot to look forward to with my future.

This week for my PR course, I am having to reflect on a good or bad political campaign strategy. With this, only one thing comes right to my mind and that is Donald Trumps campaign. As you read, please note that I am not sharing with what I believe in political wise!

Trumps campaign is so unique in many ways. One way that Trump made his way to become the 45th President of the United States, was by using insults. To me, this became a positive strategy for President Trump. I am looking at how he went about gaining his supporters.  Through Trumps unique campaign strategy, he made his way to become the front-runner and continued to stay in that position.

Washington Post says that Trumps campaign may appear lurching and chaotic, but he is a disciplined and  a methodical candidate. During his campaign, he made numerous attacks to all sorts of audiences. He attacked Hillary Clinton, the media, immigrants, Muslims, former President Obama and a lot others.

Trumps campaign consisted of being consistent, even when he was wrong with the things he said, he still somehow stayed true to what he said. He is not afraid to stick up for himself to those who criticize him. Trump has a way with his words and for that he knows how to expand on the truth to make things not fully true. His supporters see this as Trump being genuine and honest. Another reason that Trump really capitalizes on his campaign is because he dominates different stages. It may be social media one day and a broadcast interview another. The Washington Post explains how Trump is a real-time message tester. The example that they use is when he joked about Bernie Sanders surgery for a hernia. The first time he joked about it, he got little enthusiasm from the audience. He tried the joke again in Virginia, and he still did not get many laughs. Trump then stopped trying with it. This shows that Trump knows how to work his audiences and knows when he is not winning them with what he says.

At the end of the day, Trumps supporters stayed true to him. His campaign strategy became successful for him. This is just one of so many different political campaign strategies. Trumps way of going about his campaign was so different than any candidates in the past, positive or negative.

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One thought on “An Approach that Appears Negative Wins in Trumps Favor

  1. Hi, Abby. I definitely feel your stress. I’m ready to go home as well! I definitely agree that Trump’s strategy was negative. It was definitely interesting to see someone who was so pessimistic win. Good luck on your upcoming finals as well! – Javonte’


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