Ways to Survive Blogging

Photo: Unsplash by Lauren Mancke

Hi friends,

As I begin with my first blog, let me share with you what I think are some key tips to successful blogging.

AUTHENTICITY: Some of the BEST blogs that I read are the ones that speak to me. Those kind of blogs that do not sugar coat anything. It is as simple as allowing your readers to relate to your life. Going off of this, the first thing that I would recommend is to be YOU, be authentic. It is your blog. Make your readers aware of who are you are and that you stay true to yourself. A teacher told me, “Write how you would speak to your friends.” Ever since I got told that, it make me realize that I need to be myself with my writing.

PERSONAL: Second thing that I would suggest in order to become successful at blogging is to make it personal. Blogging is a way to relieve what you believe in and share with your audience what you stand for. If you don’t make it personal to your life and share life examples than readers are more likely to not care. When I read blogs, I look for stories that I can share experiences with. It is important to realize that your readers want to know about your life through your blogging. If you are blogging about a recipe or something that you love, well why do you love that? That is what I ask myself.

BRAND YOURSELF: Third tip to survive blogging is to create yourself. What do you want the blogging world to know you as? What is your brand? I think that it is important to have your own unique style to writing and especially in blogging. I, personally, continue to read certain bloggers work because I am interested in what they stand for. Find your audience that believes and supports you and write for them. Your support will follow you.

FRIENDS: Going off of your support will follow you, learn that blogging is important to find friends and not necessarily followers. Your “followers” will come along with the process. If you do all of the above, you will create friends out of your blogging. The people that are interested in what you are interested, will become your friends. The sooner you adapt that your followers will become your friends, the more successful at blogging you will be.

POSITIVITY: Lastly, I would recommend to be positive. Even when you are writing about your worst struggles in life, turn that story around and share what you got out of those struggles. As someone who has been interested in following blogs, I have loved to learn that I am not alone. After I am done reading, I am inspired from what the positive response to those struggles are. I learn from the positivity and it gives me motivation to keep going. Make sure you incorporate positivity into your blogs on the daily!

Now, use these five tips that I think are important and run with your own! To read about some more tips, visit here!








2 thoughts on “Ways to Survive Blogging

  1. Abby,
    I really enjoyed this post. This class is the first time I have had to blog, so figuring out where to start has been difficult, but these tips are awesome and will help in the future. Your last point, positivity, is very strong. I agree, even when you’re writing about your worst time there is always a way to turn it into a positive.


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  2. Abby,
    Great tips on successful blogging! I like how you said to ‘Brand Yourself’ because I see you doing this for yourself within your blog and also your site. Using BlondeGailinPR for both your site’s title and to sign the end of your blog is very creative and adds value to your brand. Makes it enjoyable to read your posts.


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